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          Before contacting me with your order, please read through the information below to help you decide what kind of portrait you would like. You can also find more information on the FAQ page. If you still have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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Portrait Types

Having trouble deciding what type of portrait you'd like? Check out just a few of the many different portrait options below. Please keep in mind that there may be limitations depending on the size you want. If after reading through, you're still not sure what you want to do, please email me and we can brainstorm a bit.

Classic Portrait

This is your standard portrait, usually composed of a head and shoulders image with a basic background, but can be done using a 3/4 or full body pose as well. Simple additional elements such as bandanas or collars or a customized background can be added for a little personal flair. For 8"x10" sizes or larger, there is also the option for an additional subject to be added (either animal or human).

Montage Portrait

Montage portraits are similar to classic portraits, but usually combine multiple poses into one composition. This allows for a better representation of your pet's personality. Maybe your dog loves frisbee chasing till he drops and is so alert that he jumps at his own shadow, but then there's also that lovable, gentle nature about him too. A montage allows a representation of all these traits. Montage portraits are also a great way to show off multiple pets in one composition.

The smallest available size for a montage is 9"x12" with three different images. More images can be used at larger sizes. Because the main focus of the montage is the pets full personality, the background is usually very basic, but simple additional elements like bandanas, toys, etc. can be added.

Pet Persona Illustration

If you're looking for something unique that fully captures the personality of your pet, then this is it. As the title implies, this type of portrait illustrates your pet's persona. It can be serious or silly, taken from real life or completely made up. Perhaps your cat has an unusually close relationship with your pet fish, so much so that you actually see them enjoying each others company. Or maybe your dog is so attached to your recliner, you've casually joked about how he probably channel surfs while you're at work. Pet Persona illustrations can capture these moments (or fabrications) in a full color illustration that's guaranteed to make you smile. The sky really is the limit with a Pet Persona illustration (no, really, maybe your pet sky dives), so it's your chance to let loose and really do some brainstorming with me.

Pet Persona illustrations can be created as small as 8"x10", but keep in mind that the level of detail and complexity will be limited for smaller sizes. Multiple pets can be done in one painting, but again, smaller sizes will have a maximum limit. If you really like the idea of a Pet Persona illustration, but are not sure what you want, please email me. We'll talk about your pet and figure it out together.

No matter which option you choose, good photo reference is always important, but it's crucial for pet persona illustrations. While I don't expect photo images of your dog kicking back in a recliner with the remote, please do provide clear photos taken from a few different angles. The more diverse and clearer the images you provide are, the easier it will be for me to "realistically" capture your pet in whatever composition we decide on. Click here for photo taking tips.


The Process

In most situations, an initial consultation via email will take place to determine what type of portrait the client wants: composition type, size, number of subjects, props, background type, etc. At this time, the client may also email images of their pet(s) and tell me about their pet's mannerisms and any anecdotes that will help me to understand the pet's inward personality (you can find photo tips here). Depending on the determined complexity of the piece, additional photos may need to be taken. Clients located within the southern part of the Hudson Valley will have the choice of having me take the reference photos for an additional fee. (In the case of Pet Persona illustrations, it's recommended that you hold off going crazy with photo reference until after we've decided on the basic composition).

Once the details are decided on, an invoice and copy of the contractual agreement will be emailed to the client. A minimum 40% non-refundable deposit is expected at this time (the client may also choose to pay in full if he or she wishes).

Payments options include:

No work will begin until the minimum deposit is received.

Work begins with a series of sketches based on the discussion between me and the client. I will present the client with up to three detailed sketches (either hand drawn or as a photoshop mock up). If after three sketches the client still has not chosen an idea, they may request extra sketches for an additional cost. Once a sketch is decided on, the real painting process begins. The length of time it takes to complete a painting will depend on a number of factors, but at this point I should have a decent estimate for the client.

Upon completion of the painting, a photo will be taken of the finished product and emailed to the client for final approval. Upon the client's approval, any remaining balance is expected at this time. The finished piece will be delivered only once the final payment is recieved. If I can not personally deliver the piece or the client can not pick it up, the client will be responsible for all necessary shipping expenses.



Photo Taking Tips

          To get the best possible representation of your pets, good photo reference is a must. Please check out these photo tips to help you make sure you get your pet's "good side."

Good Picture   Good photo2 Good Photos

     Bad Picture
Mmm... not so good.
Try again.


Pet Personas Pricing

            Please note, the prices quoted in these charts are starting prices and are subject to change. Additional elements will determine the final price (see below). If you're interested in a Pet Persona's Illustration, please Contact me for a quote.



Starting Prices*

5"x 7"
(size only available for classic portraits)

(max one pet)
8" x "10" $150+
(max two pets)
9" x 12" $190+
11" x 14" $240+
16" x 20" $300+
*Starting prices are for one head and shoulder portrait on a solid background with one small element such as a bandana or toy.

** An additional $50 - $150 will be charged for each additional subject, depending on the size and complexity of the piece. Examples of additional subjects include another pet, human subjects, or custom backgrounds.

*** All prices are subject to change.
Payments can be made via check or money order to Niki's Art or through
PayPal Acceptance Mark

For further questions please check out my FAQ or email me.