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About Pet Personas

Classic CaninesClassic Canines - watercolor

            People love their pets, hands down, and you'd be hard pressed to find a pet owner who couldn't spin an impressive tale or two about their beloved Fido or Fluffy. That's why Pet Personas specializes in capturing these tales in custom watercolor paintings, composed by professional artist, Nicole Rapoli.

           Unlike typical portraiture, which generally focuses on head shots or basic poses, Pet Personas develops a narrative around pets, based on the stories owners share about them. For example, say your dog is an escape artist, breaking out of every enclosure he's ever been placed in. Well, maybe he actually moonlights as a magician? Anyone can have a pretty portrait of Fido sitting on his bed, but only your's is pulling rabbits out of a top hat.

           Of course, those classic pillow poses are nice too, and wouldn't a nice head and shoulder portrait look great on the mantel with the rest of the family photos? Fortunately, Pet Personas provides those too. Whether a classic pose, a crazy secret life, or something in-between, Pet Personas will capture pets in a way like no one else, giving pet owners a unique way to show off and treasure their pets.


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