May 24th, 2015

Niki's Art 2.0

          Today is the day! The brand new has been officially launched. Those who know me have been hearing about it for quite some time now. And those of you who don't, well, welcome! I hope you like what you see. Not only is the site sporting a whole new design and new artwork (with more soon to come), but its got a brand new sub-site, Pet Personas. Heck, it's even got it's own nifty little blog.

          *Cracks out the champaign*

          It's been a long and grueling road to get to this point, but I'm happy (and relieved) to report that it's done... well, almost. Yes, this is only the beginning. Over the next few months expect to see some switch outs of old pieces in my portfoilio for even more brand spanking new ones. And, of course, there's a line up of new shops coming to Niki's Mall. Did I mention the mall? That's right, the new sites got a mall!

          "But, Niki, how will I know when these new features show up?" you ask.

          Easy peasy. All upcoming news, events, updates, or even just a doodle or two that I want to share, if it has to do with Niki's Art, it will be posted on this here blog. Or, if you're feeling extra social, you can follow the site on FaceBook. Either way, you'll be kept in the loop, but for now, take a step back and enjoy the new digs.

          Viva la paintbrush!